Thoughts on 2013-14 National team:

Brenna Dowell: she’s a great AA, has a lot of potential, just needs a little more confidence and international experience, So I’m really expecting Martha to send her to some international assignments this year. Going to Worlds (alternate)
Kyla Ross: When I saw Kyla on Podium Training for P&G’s, I thought she was so ready, so prepared and strong. And I still think that. It’s actually a good thing she didn’t win nats ‘cause she’s gonna work harder now and I honestly hope (and believe) she’s gonna be AA world champ. Going to Worlds (AA)
Elizabeth Price: some might think Ebee peaked in 2012, but I believe she has more to give. Hope she heals from injuries and come back in 2013 on fire. 
McKayla Maroney: Mac looks better now than in 2012 (like if it was possible)! Specially on floor. She found her place now as an especialist and I hope she get it going to be World champ on vault again. Going to Worlds (VT, FX)
Maggie Nichols: she reminds me of Jordyn so much! great AA potential, thanks God she’s going to camp so Martha can fix that hideous DLO. 
Kennedy Baker: great beam worker, reminds me of Sabrina Vega. of course needs some international experience. 
Madison Kocian: she’s young and has years to come, but great bars potential. 
Peyton Ernst: she’s calm and confident for such a young age; wich is a great quality that I think Martha will look for. Huge potential! Going to Worlds (UB, BB)
Lexie Priessman: my baby :( Why did the CGA curse has come upon you? I really hope you come strong next year, but if you don’t, you should just pack your bags, go to Georgia and have an awesome NCAA career. 
Simone Biles: great job girl! just need some international experience and she’ll be the one to chase on international scene. Work on those vaults and USA can make 1,2 on AA and vault at Worlds. Going to Worlds (AA)
Mykayla Skinner: I kinda like her, even tho she’s cocky and all. She has real AA potential, guess she’ll come to fight for her spot next year. Just needs to stop faking that one hand on her Cheng and all will be fine. 

Mckayla Maroney visualizing her perfect vault.

So excited to be a part of Shawn and Derek’s free style tomorrow night! Don’t forget to watch! 

So excited to be a part of Shawn and Derek’s free style tomorrow night! Don’t forget to watch! 

Fierce Five meets President Barack Obama

Fierce Five meets President Barack Obama


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Who is the best vaulter in the world?

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