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if you can’t handle me at my BB you can’t have me at my UB

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Jordyn Wieber at the American Cup | 2009 → 2011 → 2012

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you know how you have these favourite gymnasts (like mckayla) and you want them to win so badly and then another gymnast (like mykayla) comes along and they’re just so good at the same events and you don’t want them to beat your favorites but you want them to win so you just explode? (me after watching skinner at PanAms)

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2014 P&G US Nationals Day 1 vs. Day 2 - 2/?

Kyla Ross

UB: 13.950 vs. 15.000

FX: 13.750 vs. 14.800

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The baby of the 2012 Olympic team is 900% going to be the team captain of the 2014 world team and I just idk

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Pretty much a stuck landing and it’s perfectly in line with the beam. Damn.



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Unusual skills at Classics - 13/?

Unusual skills at Classics - 13/?

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